Эбигейл Бреслин. Горячие фото в купальнике, фигура, личная жизнь

Appearance after plastics

By the time she came of age, Abby had recovered noticeably. Until now, the girl remains at the same weight. Fans especially actively condemned her for the extra pounds after filming in “Dirty Dancing”. Then the audience unanimously argued that the fullness of Breslin greatly spoiled the image of her character. As a result, the girl simply could not be flexible and light in the frame.

Even in the final scene, she did not show the expected skill. But Abigail herself is not at all embarrassed by this. She wonders how you can blame a woman for not wanting to torment herself with diets and constant training. The actress is especially struck by the desire of some popular girls to lose weight by any means and “set a bad example” for this young fans.

Abby notes that she considers it a real mockery to any surgery to reduce the stomach and pump out excess fat. Therefore, she also categorically refuses such procedures.

On screen, Abigail often appears tall and stately. It is interesting that in this case, in fact, the girl has a small height – 155 cm. She is sure that it is precisely because of her small stature that she sometimes seems fuller than she really is. After all, the screen is also capable of adding about 8 kg to a person.

Abby is naturally fair-haired. As a child, she was completely light, but over the years the girl’s curls darkened slightly. In the future, the star has already begun to actively experiment with the hairstyle and dye it in one or another color. At first, as a teenager, Breslin became a burning brunette. But a girl with such a hairstyle did not go by for long.

The star quickly got tired of the dark curls, and she began to lighten. Today, the girl increasingly appears in public as a blonde. Abby’s favorite hairstyle is loose long blonde curls. The actress curls the ends slightly to get a more voluminous hairstyle.

Often, fans suggest that Breslin augmented her breasts through plastic surgery. But the star herself categorically refutes this. Specialists in the field of modern plastics carefully examine the pictures of the actress with a deep neckline and concluded that she really did not go under the surgeon’s knife.

The curvy shape of the girl corresponds to her weight at the moment. Also, Abby loves underwear that increases and corrects the shape and size of the breast.

Appearance before plastics

Abigail Breslin is often referred to as one of Hollywood’s most natural actresses. The girl has a wonderful natural curvy figure, thanks to which she has been offered erotic shoots more than once. But the actress herself refuses hot photos and loves to pose in spectacular outfits.

It is reliably known that to this day Abby has not undergone a single plastic surgery. The girl actively stands for naturalness. Breslin is a feminist and often in interviews encourages women to love themselves just the way they were born.

Abigail herself is often condemned for being overweight. But this does not bother the star at all. She not only loves her curvaceous forms, but also emphasizes them in every possible way. The girl is not shy about wearing revealing outfits. In addition, she is always anti-tan. Especially – artificial in the solarium.

Breslin’s appearance has changed a lot over the years. But these were natural processes without the participation of a plastic surgeon. As a child, the girl could not boast of a good appetite, so she remained very thin.

It is interesting that for the filming of “Little Miss Happiness” a false belly was created specially for her figure. With such an accessory, the baby came to the set every day. Then she was still fair-haired with a noticeable chink between her front teeth.

At 14, Abigail looked very different. Viewers saw her as dark-haired with long wavy curls. The star at that time completely removed the bangs, shaped her eyebrows. At the same time, she did not use cosmetics at all. Abby’s only adornment was numerous small stud earrings all over her ear.

At the age of 15, Breslin began to look much more mature. But all because I just started using cosmetics regularly. During that period, the actress enjoyed studying the art of makeup. She began to highlight her eyes with dark shadows, dye her eyebrows and wear bright lipstick. In general, the girl added shine to all the images.

In 2012, Abby unexpectedly radically changed her hair color. She turned light blond and did a barely noticeable haircut. During that period, the actress changed the shape of her eyebrows and began to circle her eyes with a black pencil. Increasingly, bright earrings appeared in her image.

After another couple of years, the experiments continued. By 2014, Abigail had grown noticeably stout and dyed blonde. From that period on, she was increasingly blonde. The girl’s favorite hairstyle was a braid or high-tied curls.


Abigail made her cinematic debut in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2002 sci-fi mystery thriller film, Signs.

In Garry Marshall’s 2004 comedy-drama film, Raising Helen she was cast as Sarah Davis.

She was seen in Garry Marshall’s American romantic comedy film, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. She was selected to play the role of Parade Girl Carolina. She was cast as Kira Bedik in Lodge Kerrigan’s drama film of 2004, Keane.

Abigail was seen portraying the role of Ray in Robert Vince’s Canadian-American family film of 2004 Chestnut: Hero of Central Park. She appeared in David M. Rosenthal’s 2010 American drama film, Janie Jones. She was selected to play the lead character of Janie Jones in this film. In Daniel St. Pierre and Harry Kloor’s 2010 animated educational science fiction adventure film, Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, she was cast to voice the role of Jeana.

Abigail appeared in Ruben Fleischer’s 2009 zombie comedy film, Zombieland where she played the character of Little Rock. She appeared in Nick Cassavetes’ 2009 American drama film, My Sister’s Keeper. Abigail was cast as Anna Fitzgerald in this film.

In Patricia Rozema’s American comedy-drama film, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, Abigail was seen in the lead role of Margaret Mildred ‘Kit’ Kittredge. She appeared in Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett’s 2008 adventure film, Nim’s Island. She was cast in the role of Nim Ruscoe.

In Adam Brooks’ 2008 romantic comedy, Maybe, Abigail was seen in the role of Maya Hayes. Abigail was selected to play the role of Zoe in Scott Hicks’ 2007 American romantic comedy-drama film, No Reservations. In Michael Lembeck’s 2006 American Christmas comedy film, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, Abigail was seen as the character of Trish. She appeared in Robert Vince’s 2006 comedy film, Air Buddies, playing the role of Rosebud.

She appeared in Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris’ 2006 American tragic comedy road film, Little Miss Sunshine. The film was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006 and Abigail’s role as Olive Hoover earned her multiple honorary accolades including an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress and a BAFTA nomination in Best Actress in a Supporting Role as well.

The film also did well at the box office earning $101 million against a base budget of $8 million. Abigail was seen in Michael O. Sajbel’s 2006 American drama film, The Ultimate Gift. She was given the role of Emily Rose Drummond to portray in this film. In Tom McCarthy’s 2021 crime drama film, Stillwater, she was seen as the character of Allison Baker.

Abigail played the role of Little Rock in Ruben Fleischer’s post-apocalyptic zombie comedy film, Zombieland: Double Tap. In Trudie Styler’s 2017 comedy-drama film, Freak Show, Abigail played the role of Lynette. She played the character of Jennifer Adams in Vincent Masciale’s 2016 American comedy horror film, Fear, Inc.

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Награды и звания Эбигейл Бреслин

  • 2010

    Young Artist Award

    Лучшая молодая актриса («Мой ангел-хранитель»)

  • 2007

    Премия Гильдии актеров

    Лучший актерский состав («Маленькая мисс Счастье»)

  • 2007

    Ассоциация кинокритиков Айовы

    Лучшая актриса («Маленькая мисс Счастье»)

  • 2007

    Кинофестиваль в Токио

    Лучшая актриса («Маленькая мисс Счастье»)

  • 2007


    Лучшая женская роль второго плана («Маленькая мисс Счастье»)

  • 2007

    Выбор критиков

    Лучшая молодая актриса («Маленькая мисс Счастье»)

  • 2007

    Выбор критиков

    Лучший актёрский ансамбль («Маленькая мисс Счастье»)

  • 2007

    Young Artist Award

    Лучшая молодая актриса («Маленькая мисс Счастье»)

  • Актеры и актрисы сериала “Анатомия страсти”
  • Актеры и актрисы сериала “Говорящая с призраками”
  • Актеры и актрисы сериала “Закон и порядок. Специальный корпус”
  • Актеры и актрисы сериала “Королевы крика”
  • Актеры и актрисы сериала “Морская полиция: Спецотдел”
  • Актеры и актрисы фильма “Знаки”
  • Актеры и актрисы фильма “Zомбилэнд: Контрольный выстрел”
  • Актеры и актрисы фильма “Добро пожаловать в Zомбилэнд”

Beauty secrets

Abigail Breslin carefully hides her hot photos from the public. But she loves to discuss with subscribers the secrets of beauty and the features of her face and body care. As discussed above, the girl actively advocates naturalness in everything. Therefore, she is categorically against diets, heavy regular sports training, any strict restrictions.

Abby boldly allows herself to eat her favorite foods at any time. But the actress also has minimal restrictions – she tries to exclude rolls, donuts, cakes from the menu, as she is sure that they have a negative effect on health. If a star chooses pastries for breakfast, then most often she prepares them herself or buys gluten-free in the store. For example, rice or almond flour.

He also hardly eats Breslin and sweets. Instead of traditional sugar desserts, she opts for natural marshmallow, lightweight maple syrup toast, or just a handful of fresh / frozen berries. Thanks to these minimal rules, Abby manages to keep her body in a shape that suits her completely.

To take care of herself, the girl still regularly visits a beautician, loves to go for a manicure and to her permanent hairdresser. The actress boldly experiments with a hair stylist – she changes her hair color (sometimes drastically) and her hairstyle.

The most favorite option for an actress to relax after filming is a head massage in a familiar hairdresser near her home. During this procedure, the girl completely relaxes and reboots.

Abigail does not hide that she does not like sports too much. Especially gyms and any hard, long workouts. To maintain herself in shape, the girl chooses swimming (she prefers open reservoirs), walking, yoga. The best sport for Abby is shopping with her friends.

On a rare weekend, the girls make a real run through the malls, during which they choose a lot of interesting dresses for all occasions, consider interesting interior details, buy unusual souvenirs friend friend.

If Breslin does not have filming, then she will definitely build her day according to a special scheme:

  1. Morning jumps to disperse lymph (at least 100).
  2. Dry brush massage before shower.
  3. Hygienic procedures with eco-cosmetics.
  4. A glass of warm water with lemon and a nutritious breakfast.
  5. Taking vitamins.
  6. Maximum rest without strong physical and mental stress.
  7. Evening bath with anti-cellulite cosmetics and magnesium salt.
  8. Falling asleep early on an empty stomach.

Abby tries to have such a “beauty day” at least once a week. Often the girl’s beloved also participates in it.

Abigail Breslin first appeared on screen when she was barely 3 years old. Since then, the girl has been actively acting in films, TV shows and even plays in theaters. Fans have still not been able to declassify hot photos of the modest and secretive star. But she has other interesting and worthy photo shoots.

Abigail Breslin Net Worth

$8 Million

Abigail Breslin aka Abigail Kathleen Breslin is an American actress and singer. As of 2023, Abigail Breslin’s net worth is $8 million. She has starred in famous films such as Definitely, Maybe (2008), My Sister’s Keeper (2009), Rango (2011), The Call (2013), Nim’s Island (2008), No Reservations (2007), Maggie (2015), Freak Show (2017), Zombieland: Double Tap (2019), Zombieland (2009), August: Osage County (2013), and Stillwater (2021), etc.

She went to the top of her prominence in her career after her role in Little Miss Sunshine as Olive Hoover. She was also nominated in the Academy Awards for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role category for her role.

Abigail has been nominated for multiple other awards and has also been awarded many titles including the Critics Choice Award and ACCA award. She has been part of many TV series such as What I Like About You (2002), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2004), Scream Queens (2015-2016), Ghost Whisperer (2006), etc. She will be starring in the upcoming film, Slayers in the role of Jules.

Ранние годы

Эбигейл Кейтлин Бреслин родилась 14 апреля 1996 года в Нью-Йорке. Её родители Майкл и Ким Бреслин давно мечтали о дочери и назвали её в честь жены второго президента США Джона Адамса. Малышка во всём подражала своим братьям — Стивену и Райану, а уже в 3 года впервые появилась в видеорекламе игрушек. Спустя несколько лет ей довелось с братом Стивеном сняться в фильме «Воскрешение Хелен» (2004).

Артистка призналась в интервью, что в подростковом возрасте уделяла особое внимание тому, что говорят и думают о ней окружающие. Их мнение формировало её самооценку, а природная застенчивость не позволяла продемонстрировать талант в полной мере

С годами ситуация изменилась, актриса увлеклась проектом Always и Walmart и даже проявляла активность в одной из акций поддержки.

Эбигейл признаёт, что добилась успеха во многом благодаря родителям. Они задали ей мотивацию для покорения новых высот. С их помощью она обрела уверенность в собственных силах и научилась отстаивать своё мнение. Девушка получила хорошее воспитание, её никогда не останавливали трудности, что ценится в профессии актёра. Лицедейство позволило ей испытывать на экране состояния, с которыми она не столкнулась бы в действительности.

Эбигейл Бреслин в детстве

Эбигейл Бреслин в роли Олив Хувер в фильме «Маленькая мисс Счастье» (2006)


Творческая карьера Эбигейл Бреслин стартовала с популярного триллера «Знаки» (2002), отмеченного вниманием критиков. К моменту начала съёмок в 2001 году ей было всего 5 лет

По словам артистки, проект до сих пор держит её под впечатлением, а отношение режиссёра оставило неизгладимый след в душе девушки. Он по-отечески опекал ребёнка и постоянно спрашивал, не страшно ли ей в той или иной сцене. Её выдвижение на премию «Молодой артист» стало для всех приятным сюрпризом.

Настоящая популярность пришла к Эбигейл в 10 лет. Юная артистка снялась в фильме «Маленькая мисс Счастье» (2006) и покорила сердца зрителей по всему миру. Как позже стало известно публике, эта роль ждала актрису несколько лет. Режиссёры заметили основательный подход малышки к работе и решили продолжить сотрудничество. Стоит отметить, что в восторге от девочки остались как коллеги по площадке, так и фанаты.

Маленькой лицедейке довелось присутствовать на церемонии «Оскар» в качестве номинанта, однако премию она так и не получила. Заслуженных наград удостоились сценарист Майкл Арндт и актёр Алан Аркин. В 2007 году Эбби попала в рейтинг журнала Forbes как самая богатая юная актриса. Такому стремительному взлёту могли позавидовать многие звёзды Голливуда, однако все сошлись во мнении, что поощрения справедливы.

Бреслин считает себя удачливой. На съёмках фильма «Мой ангел-хранитель» (2009) девушка встретилась с Алеком Болдуином и Кэмерон Диаз. Звёздный состав принёс хорошие сборы и зрительские симпатии. А в проекте «Добро пожаловать в Zомбилэнд» (2009) актрису ждала работа с Джесси Айзенбергом, Вуди Харрельсоном и Эммой Стоун. Спустя 10 лет актёры снялись в продолжении — «Zомбилэнд: Контрольный выстрел».

Очередным подарком судьбы для Эбби стало сотрудничество с Арнольдом Шварценеггером и вхождение в актёрский состав фильма «Заражённая» (2015). Звёздные артисты сыграли дочь, заражённую инфекцией, превращающей её в зомби, и любящего отца, не готового помещать её на карантин и остающегося с ней несмотря ни на что. На съёмки фильма ушёл всего месяц, а премьера была приурочена к кинофестивалю «Трайбека». К сожалению, проект не имел ожидаемого успеха.

Ремейк легендарных «Грязных танцев» в 2017 году пополнил ряды провальных работ с негативными отзывами. Эбигейл выступила в роли Фрэнсис, но её игры не хватило для того, чтобы как-то приблизить фильм к оригиналу. Абсолютно другие отклики заслужил «Тихий омут» в 2021 году. Актриса смогла глубоко передать эмоции ошибочно осуждённой женщины.

Эбигейл Бреслин и Лилу Шово в фильме «Тихий омут» (2021)

Family, Boyfriend & Relationships

Abigail Breslin’s parents are Michael and Kim Breslin. Abigail Breslin’s father’s name is Michael Breslin who is a computer programmer, telecommunications expert and consultant by profession. He passed away in 2021 with some Covid-19 related issues.

Abigail Breslin with her Father

Abigail Breslin’s mother’s name is Kim Breslin who is a talent manager by profession.

Abigail Breslin’s Parents

She also has two siblings. Her both older brother’s name are Ryan Breslin and Spencer Breslin. Both of them are actors too.

Abigail Breslin with her Brother (Spencer Breslin)

Abigail is currently engaged with Ira Kunyansky (got engaged in February 2022). They started dating back in 2017 and spent four lovely years together and finally decided to get engaged.

Abigail Breslin with her Fiancée

She was previously in some short-term relationships with Michael Clifford with whom she had a fling back in 2013.

Abigail Breslin with her Ex-Boyfriend (Michael Clifford)

Then she had started seeing Jack Barakat and they had a small venture starting in 2013 but ended a year later.

Abigail Breslin with her Ex Boyfriend (Jack Barakat)

She was rumored to have been in a relationship with Tom Sturridge. Before dating Ira she dated Freddie Highmore.

Father NameMichael Breslin
Mother NameKim Breslin
Brother NameRyan BreslinSpencer Breslin
Sister Name
BoyfriendIra KunyanskyMichael Clifford (Ex)Jack Barakat (Ex)Tom Sturridge (Ex)Freddie Highmore (Ex)
Marital StatusEngaged
Fiancée NameIra Kunyansky

Interesting Facts

Abigail Breslin usually hides hot photos from prying eyes. To date, in the vastness of the network, it is not possible to find a single nude picture of a girl. The reason for the star’s modesty was her long-standing promise to her older brothers.

Somehow, at the beginning of her career, the girl assured her family that she would never make them blush for herself. Therefore, Abigail always selects roles for herself with special care and agrees only to rare photo shoots.

Other interesting facts are known about the life of Breslin:

  • the actress got her name in honor of the first lady of the second president because she is considered the first American feminist – parents wanted Abigail to always know her own worth, be able to defend her own rights, did not allow others to offend and humiliate yourself;
  • The hardest part for Breslin was playing in Dirty Dancing, as the film turned out to be a lot of very frank roles – the girl felt squeezed, which greatly influenced the result (a flurry of critics);
  • the star’s first love was Zac Efron, in life the girl met him at the age of 15 and was so embarrassed at meeting that she just ran away – then she was worried that the actor would take her for unbalanced and would not want communicate;

  • Abigail admitted that on the set she often met interesting “hot” guys, but when close acquaintance, they turned out to be gay and only reacted with humor to her flirting;
  • Abby admits that if she was in the past, she would hardly be able to survive without her smartphone and social networks – especially without Instagram, in which the girl not only communicates with fans, but also earns on advertising, shares her musical creativity;
  • Breslin loves songs from the 80s and often plays them at home, dances to Samantha Fox;
  • when the season of “Scream Queens” ended, the actress very much asked to give her all the clothes from Chanel, since she would no longer be useful – but she was allowed to take only a few things with her.

short biography

The future eminent actress was born in New York in the spring of 1996. In the family, she became the only and long-awaited daughter. Spouses Michael and Kim had been praying for the girl for several years before. At that time, they already had two sons growing up – Ryan and Spencer, who also embarked on the acting path early.

The girl received the name in memory of the wife of the second American president. As a child, she strongly disliked it. Abigail even dreamed of changing her name. But it was with him that she managed to become famous. Now the girl’s opinion about her own name has changed. She stopped thinking about changing her passport long ago.

instagram story viewer

Parents noticed early that their little daughter was very talented and artistic. Since both older brothers already then tried themselves in acting careers, the girl’s fate was immediately decided.

The baby got her first role at the age of 3. Then Abigail starred in a commercial for toys. Even a short 30-second video showed that the girl really has talent. She behaved beautifully in front of the camera.

Photo of Abigail Breslin as a child and now.

Later, the actress often said that she owed her success to her parents. And first of all to mom. The woman devoted herself to the development of her only daughter and did everything possible to help her find her beloved work and become famous.

The parents gave the girl an excellent upbringing. She grew up confident with the right motivation. Interestingly, her mother taught Abigail from an early age to defend her opinion and her values. The girl was always advised to say what she thinks.

The youngest Breslin does not hide the fact that her teenage period was difficult for her. Then the future actress was highly dependent on what others said about her. In addition, the girl was very shy and tried in every possible way to fight this quality. It was her acting activity that helped Abigail finally defeat her shyness and shyness.

The first serious work of the girl was the thriller Signs. It received rave reviews not only from viewers but also from critics. The actress herself loves to remember how the director treated her in a fatherly way on the set. He constantly asked the baby if she was scared to participate in this or that scene. Until now, this is one of the star’s favorite projects.

But the film “Little Miss Happiness” brought the real popularity to the girl. The 10-year-old actress played the awkward, but so charming Olive Hoover, who is ashamed of her imperfect figure and at the same time dreams of becoming a beauty queen.

The movie turned out to be very deep about accepting yourself and those around you for who they really are. That any person, even imperfect, deserves true sincere love.

For this role, Abigail received her first significant award. Immediately after the release of the successful film, new job offers fell on the girl. There were so many of them that now the young actress could already pick and choose.

During her acting career, Abigail even managed to play a zombie. Then the girl was already 18 years old. In the film Infected, she worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This role of the actress was not appreciated, but she herself significantly improved her own skills.

Other interesting roles of the girl will help to study the table:

FilmsRole (age of the actress)
Taxi driverKayla (6 years old)
Family planNicole (9 years old)
Nîmes islandNim Ruso (12 years old)
RangoPriscilla (15 years old)
Zombieland: Control ShotLittle Rock (23 years old)

In addition to filming, Abigail plays the guitar and even records her own songs. The girl is engaged in music exclusively for her own pleasure, so finding her songs in the recording is rather difficult. It is interesting that Breslin was able to play the guitar on her own, just by watching videos on the Internet. The girl’s new tracks appear under the pseudonym Sophomore.

From time to time, the actress works in the theater, but she does it much less often than in the cinema. Among her most memorable performances is “The Miracle Worker” in 2010. Then the girl worked in a theater in Manhattan.

The star’s first relationship began at the age of 17. Then, for about a year, the actress met with musician Jack Barakat. Later, Breslin admitted that the young man turned out to be very cruel in a relationship. She even had to face sexual abuse. After that, the girl underwent treatment with a psychotherapist for more than one year and worked with a personal psychologist.

Now the actress is dating Ira Kunyansky and is very happy in a new relationship. The young man supports his beloved in everything and accompanies her at any public events. At the same time, the couple does not think about the wedding yet.

Plastic surgery

Abigail Breslin either simply does not show her hot photos to fans or really categorically refuses to take such pictures. But the point here is not in self-doubt, but rather in the girl’s natural modesty. Abby loves and appreciates her appearance very much. She declares that she is unlikely to decide on dramatic changes in her face and figure, even with age.

In a recent interview, Breslin said that she was completely satisfied with her face and considered it completely unnecessary to generally ask girls under 40 about plastic surgery. The girl explained: “If I decided to do something like that, it would only be if there were serious defects in appearance. And so – why and for what? Wrinkles have never spoiled anyone: neither men nor women. It’s all about the attitude of the person towards them. “


Abigail Breslin doesn’t like taking hot photos. Therefore, all her pictures are rather modest. The most revealing version of photos for Abby is with a deep neckline. The girl is proud of her natural forms, so she does not hesitate to demonstrate them. Also, the actress often tries on open dresses. For example, with mesh or cutouts on the abdomen, hips, shoulders.

Abigail likes to jokingly say that photographers do not like to invite her to photo shoots. But in 2014, the young star got into Icon magazine. Her photo appeared both on the cover and on several pages at once. For the shooting, Breslin tried on a bright, unusual image.

She put on a shiny top, a sheer bodysuit, a silver jacket. Complemented the image and catchy makeup – dark smokey ice, thick eyebrows, large volume rings. This photo shoot in the magazine was appreciated by the fans of the actress. She received many compliments about the new look.

The fans also greeted the stars with enthusiasm for another shooting. It took place 2 years later. In the photographs, the girl poses in the most delicate snow-white dress with patterns with a neat neckline, as well as in a pink soft jacket. Abigail braided her long white hair to the side and opted for light makeup.

Abigail Breslin Wiki/Biography

Born on 14 April 1996, Abigail Breslin’s age is 27 Years Old as of 2023. Her birthplace is New York city, New York, United States, where she was also brought up and spent her childhood. She currently resides in New York and LA. She holds an American nationality and has her belief in Christian religion.

Abigail Breslin Childhood Pic

Abigail had her early schooling at a local school in New York City. She then went to a middle school in New York. She completed her middle school and started taking lessons at a local high school in New York. After completing her high school graduate liberal art study in local college. She also took acting lessons while growing up.

NameAbigail Breslin
Full NameAbigail Kathleen Breslin
Other NameAbbieAbbie BMiss Abbie B
Net Worth$8 Million
Date of Birth14 April 1996
Age27 Years Old
Birth PlaceNew York City, New York, United States
Currently Live InLos Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionActress and Singer
Debut Film: Signs(2002)TV Series: Fairfax (2002-2009)
Years Active1999 – Present
Famous ForOlive Hoover in Film Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
EthnicityIrish and English
HometownNew York City, New York
Zodiac SignAries
School/High SchoolLocal High School in New York City
College/UniversityLocal College in United States
Education QualificationGraduate


By the age of 25, Breslin has already managed to build a deafening career. At the same time, the girl is sure that her best role is still ahead. Abigail was among the five actresses who could become the youngest Oscar winners. And already in 2007, the 11-year-old star appeared in Forbes magazine and was named the richest young actress in Hollywood.

The girl herself notes her amazing luck when choosing partners on the set. So, already at the age of 12, she managed to collaborate with Jodie Foster. Then – with Alec Baldwin, Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Among the most significant awards of the actress are the following:

  • Best Actress by Iowa Film Critics;
  • Best Actress at the Tokyo Film Festival;
  • Best Young Actress and Best Ensemble of the Critics’ Choice;
  • Best Feature Film Cast;
  • Best Young Actress Young Artist Award.

At 21, Abigail got a role in the new version of the cult film “Dirty Dancing”. Until now, she is considered the most disastrous in the acting career of a girl. Both critics and ordinary viewers literally smashed the picture. Experts noted that the cast was very poorly selected for the film. Breslin’s game was also criticized separately.

Physical Appearance

Abigail is a beautiful actress with a pretty face. She has a slim build and an athletic physique. She stands as tall as 5 ft 1 inch. Her weight is around 60 kg (132 lbs). Abigail has notably large breasts and her hair is longer than usual actresses. Her body measurement is 37-28-34. She wears US 37 sized bras.

Abigail wears a US size 10 dress ( EU size of 42). She has beautiful blue eyes and her hair is brown(naturally). Abigail has an Irish, Jewish, English, and British Isles background. However, she loves to keep her hair dyed in blonde colour. She is a White Caucasian woman. Her sexual identity is heterosexual (straight) female. Her star sign is Aries. She wears US size 6 shoes ( EU size of 36.5).

Height (Approx)in centimeters: 155 cmin meters: 1.55 min feet inches: 5’ 1”
Weight (Approx)in kilograms: 60 kgin pounds: 132 lbs
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBrown
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